Granite Republic Published

My new novella, Granite Republic, is out now on all the major book retailers.

Here’s the book description:

A charismatic new governor. A radical political movement. An overzealous central government.

Granite 2 nook size
When libertarian Republican candidate Paul Spooner is elected Governor of New Hampshire, his policies set the tiny, independent-minded state on an inevitable collision course with the Federal Government. President Bennet Oliver can’t let his signature new healthcare law fall prey to the failings of similar, previous Democratic legislation, so he decides the defiant Granite State must be made an example of.

A story told through news clippings, video transcripts, leaked documents, and gripping first hand accounts, Granite Republic details the explosive stand of one small state against a tyrannical national government.

Granite Republic is a 12,500 word (50 pages) epistolary novella.

Get it now for only $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, iTunes, or Google Play!