If you’re here I imagine it’s to learn a little more about what I’ve written (or, let’s be honest, for free stuff, and I’ve got that too).

Feel free to amble on over to the Books page to see all the work I’ve currently got out with free excerpts and story blurbs.

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New Novel: Justice, Inc.

Justice Inc cover

“His business is revolution. And business is good.”

I’ve just published my first full-length novel, and you can get it on Amazon and other online booksellers.

It’s a military techno-thriller called Justice, Inc. and it’s a sequel to my free short story, The Contractors.

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New Novella: Airfleets Over Ostend

I’ve just published a new novella, Airfleets Over Ostend, set in my steampunk, “Clockwork Imperium” series. This is the third such story, and picks up the adventures of Henry, James, and Raheem right where Queen Victoria’s Ball left off. Here’s the description: The mysterious and alluring Myra Abernathy has disappeared without a trace, and Henry […]

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